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Racing tires


    fulfill the running in every experience.

    Racing tires the new series for decipher the strength of the senior tires WOLVERINE X401 Whether the Tread wear 240 to supports are driving the need for the high speed in the straight road and cornering precision and road adhesion on both dry and wet road conditions. WOLVERINE X402 has adapted perfectly and WOLVERINE X402 differs from its predecessors is reducing the width of the tread grooves that enhance the ability to reduce noise from driving better than 40%. To fill all the pleasure of driving and If you are looking for a tire that your Lifestyle. To ready to take you on all road conditions WOLVERINE X402 answer all your questions!

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    Name Product : TIRES WOLVERINE

    Table Specification : WOLVERINE

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    are the most important In addition to the engine, a device that allows for convenient travel and can travel to anywhere for safely. If we use a good tire include good road adhesion. Causes no problem About the accident. RAIDEN TIRES is a brand of tire good quality, worth the price. Soft, quiet, road adhesion to making sure the driver and Quality Assurance for all the route. RAIDEN TIRES BY LENSO.